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Nameplates, Labels & Signs

All of our labels and signs are individually manufactured to our customers’ specification, and can be manufactured in a huge range of materials and colour.

Our control panel labels are manufactured using rigid traffolyte (multi-layered phenolic plastic signs) or flexible laminate, the most durable materials in the engraving industry.

Heat-resistant and robust, they can endure tough environmental conditions, and produce labels and signs with clean lines that are easy to read.

The permanently engraved surface has the advantage of being tamper proof, and is less easily damaged by general cleaning and maintenance.

Manufactured in a multitude of colours and thicknesses, our signs and labels are ideally suited to any situation. They’re weather proof and solvent, acid, UV and alkali resistant.

Our applications are suitable for both domestic and industrial use and include:

  • Rigid traffolyte, flexible laminate and stainless steel valve tags.
  • Engraved traffolyte and flexible laminate identification labels.
  • Engraved traffolyte and flexible laminate control panel labels.
  • Mimic panel labels.
  • Stainless steel serial plates and identification labels.

Our valve tags are available in a range of sizes and colours, and can all be engraved to your specification. All of our valve tags can also be supplied with ball chain and connectors or multi-strand stainless steel wire with connecting ferrules to allow ease of application.

  • Traffolyte and plastic labels engraved